1. How to register for the first time?

    Access the registration form from the "company login" button at the top left of the site and fill in all the required fields. We will send you an email notification when your account is active. Only from that moment will you be able to view product prices and proceed with orders.
  2. I don't remember my password.

    No problem, press the dedicated password recovery button in the area dedicated to entering your login credentials and follow the procedure. In a few simple steps you will be able to log back into your account. For any problem, contact us via whatsapp at the number on the top left of each page of the site.


  1. Do I have to respect particular rules or limits?

    Yes, the minimum order value is €300. For any questions we are at your disposal, contact us via whatapp at the number you can find at the top of this page.
  2. I can't complete my order, what did I do wrong?

    Definitely nothing, do not hesitate to contact us also via whatsapp at the number you find at the top of this page, we will help you to proceed with your order in complete tranquility.

  3. Can I buy without VAT?

    Our e-commerce was created to help merchants in their work, we do not sell our products at retail, sorry, but only to professionals. If you want to write down the article you are interested in and send us a message via whatsapp at the number present at the top of the page, remembering to tell us your location: we will gladly try to point you to one of our customers in your area.

  4. How can I identify the products I am looking for on the site?

    You have many possibilities:

    - from the search button by typing the article or brand;

    - using the menu and selecting the types you are interested in;

    - from the trademark page;

    - from the different sections dedicated to offers and genres.

  5. Can I change an order that has already been confirmed?

    If it is an addition to the order you can proceed by creating a new one, if instead you would like to change something do not wait a moment, contact us at the whatsapp number at the top of the page ... we are quick to process the order ...


  1. Can the different discounts be combined?

    Our e-commerce was created to make your work easier, but above all more profitable: you will always find opportunities and you will receive communication by subscribing to the newsletters.

    If you decide to pay by bank transfer we will apply a discount of 3 % to the value of your goods, you will see it applied directly during the order confirmation phase. This type of payment requires longer handling times, so the faster you are to make the payment, the sooner we can ship the goods. We are very fast in preparation and shipping, put us to the test!

    The offers on our site can be combined with any coupons that can be spent exclusively on www.pipinato.com. Other discount requests are not accepted.


  1. How is VAT applied?

    The prices on the site do not contain VAT. You will be able to view the value in your cart and when confirming the order. If you have any questions about it, contact us at the whatsapp number at the top of the page.
  2. How can I pay?

    You will be able to pay in several ways. We always advise you to pay by credit card or paypal, this will allow us to ship the goods more quickly. We are very fast and our courier too, take advantage of it! The payment methods that we offer on the site are:
    - credit card;
    - paypal;
    - bank transfer in advance with immediate discount to the cart of 3 % (the faster you will be and the sooner we can ship the goods, unfortunately this payment method lengthens the shipping times);
    - Payment upon collection of the goods made at your expense directly at our store in Padua
  3. Are the payments safe?

    Absolutely yes, you will be able to try and verify that all transactions take place with the highest security standards. Payments through the courier are also safe, we entrust your goods only to true professionals. Report any problems and comments, your opinion is important to us.


  1. Can I collect the goods from your warehouse?

    Absolutely yes, ask for it, we are waiting for you at our store in Padua, in via F.S. Clock 3. We will be happy to meet you and you can visit our warehouse and speak to our experts. You can also send us your courier for collection, in this case we will gladly prepare the goods as per your instructions. For our packaging we use recycled cardboard, give us a hand to give new life to the packaging before passing it on to recovery and recycling.

  2. How can I check the status of the shipment?

    Shipments are traceable: you can check them by logging into your user panel and following the instructions you will receive via email. For any clarification contact us at the whatsapp number you see at the top of the page.

  3. How much is shipping?

    The Shipment costs will be calculated at the end of the order and you. For any clarification contact us at the whatsapp number you see at the top of the page.


  1. How are refunds handled?

    In case of non-fulfillment of the order or a part of it, we will make available the amount due.

Did not find the answer you were looking for? Our Customer Service is at your disposal: fill out the contact form or write us on WhatsApp at +39 348 6392437.

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